Discover diving

A magnificent experience to begin diving!

If you have never had a scuba diving course, come and discover the marvellous world of silence.


In our diving centre, security is our priority. Each beginner is coached by a diving instructor. You will have personal training by the instructor who will explain what happens in  a dive and help you advance at your own pace. Come with your bathing suit, we will provide all the equipment.

Diving Angel - Bapteme Plongée à Tenerife
Diving Angel - Plongée à Tenerife

Try Dive

In this initiation for young as of 10 yrs old  you dive between 0 and 6 metres. No prior skills are required and you do not have to present a medical certificate.

(Only pregnant women are not authorized to dive)


After the dive, you will obtain a  great certificate !

Top Try Dive

Under the same conditions as for the first dive, enjoy the experience and leave with a souvenir filmed by your instructor.

Diving Angel - Plongée à Tenerife


We invite you to snorkeling outings or finned swims to discover the underwater fauna and bottoms of Los Gigantes, with only fins and a diving mask.

This activity is for small groups supervised by an instructor and appropriate material: life jackets, buoyancy aids and signal buoys.

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