Angel Shark

Angel Shark

Our name is taken from the Common Sea Angel (Squatina squatina). Called here in the Canaries “Angelot”, it is endemic to the North-East Atlantic continental shelf. Indeed, it is found west of the Sahara and more rarely in the Mediterranean.

Let yourself be charmed by this animal!

From our first meeting, we fell in love with her. It has a flat form intermediate between the shark and the skate. Its skin on the dorsal side is marbled brown, while its ventral side is all white. The largest specimens can reach 2m40.

He’s a hunter on the prowl, waiting for his prey hidden in the sand. Its diet consists of fish, crustaceans, molluscs and rays. As for its reproduction, it is oviparous.

You can observe it during your dives in Los Gigantes in winter. Indeed, it approaches the coasts between November and April when the water temperature decreases and oscillates between 19 ° C and 23 ° C.

It is important to note also that it is one of the most endangered species. So, like us, protect him as a responsible diver.

We are waiting for you … He is waiting for you …

Angel shark
Endemic Canary Shark