Fish Feeding

Fish Feeding

The practice of feeding or feeding aquatic fauna during leisure dives is unfortunately widespread in the world and also unfortunately in the Canary Islands!

Ecological repercussions on the ecosystem!

Soil, water, sun, minerals, nutrients … are the basic ingredients of a balanced ecosystem based on inter-species competition. Touching this balance can turn everything upside down.

Wild feeding is a real disaster for ecosystems:

  • It causes behavioral changes, inter-species attacks and also attacks on humans. Striped sars, for example, attack stingrays when they take food from human hands. Bites do not stop until they let go of the prey. Wounds never heal and are constantly used as targets.
  • It makes the species dependent on feeding.
  • It can be fatal if the food becomes too abundant or is completely unsuitable.

Diving should always be synonymous with natural observation to witness magical scenes in the privacy of nature’s secret. To feed is to break this in order to obtain from nature what it could have given us of its own accord …