Our instructors and coaches are certified

For all training, you will first be asked for a valid medical certificate of no contraindication to the practice of scuba diving (less than 1 year) and individual insurance that we can issue you on site.

Diving Angel - Plongée à Tenerife

Pack découverte /PE 12
3 dives
Material included


Try Scuba Diving


Niveau 1 – 6 dives
This is the first level allowing you to group dive in the zone of 0 to 20 metres and supervised by a diving instructor
Prerequisites : As of 12 yrs old
3 days


Scuba diver – 4 dives

This course is for students who do not have enough time to finish an open water diver programme.
You will receive training and sufficient experience to dive safely in a natural environment under the supervision of a diving professional. At the end of the course you will receive the certification Scuba Diver
that can then be completed by the certification Open Water Diver.
Prerequisites : As of 10 yrs old
2 days


Niveau 2 – 8 dives

In this course you can gain the autonomy to dive in the zone of 20 metres (as of 18 yrs old) without an instructor, and to dive between 20 and 40 m accompanied by an instructor.

Prerequisites: – 16 yrs mini
– Level 1 or equivalent,
– Licence FFESSM (can be issued on site)
– Parent authorization for minors

4 days


Open Water Diver – 6 dives

This internationally recognized, personalized course combines practical sessions in the water and theoretical sessions. You will acquire the experience required to dive autonomously ( as of 18 yrs old) in groups up to 18m.
At the end of the course you will receive the certification Open Water Diver SSI
Prerequisites : – 10 yrs mini
– Parent authorization for minors
4 days


Niveau 3 – 10 dives

The highest leisure diving level allow you to dive autonomously up to 60m

-Accessible as of 18 yrs old
– PA40 or Level 2
– Justify dives at 40m and many dives alone at 20m
– Be holder of RIFAP

5 days


Advanced Aventurer – 5 dives

You are an Open Water Diver, and wish to continue the adventure. This program allows you to discover 5 diving specialties and advance to a higher level.

At the end of the day, you will obtain the corresponding certification.



Reactions and Interventions facing a diving accident

This training course to first-aid is recommended as of level 2 will be required if you want to go on to levels 3, 4, initiator and MF. You will learn how to conduct yourself facing the most common diving accidents, but also in daily life.

Prerequisites :
-Accessible as of 16 yrs old
-Parental authorization for minors


React Right

This is the training programme for first aid SSI (First aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, oxygen jet, emergencies in diving and use of an external automatic defibrillator)
At the end of the course, you will obtain the specialized certification React Right SSI
– Accessible as of 12 yrs old

1 to 2 days


  Diver stress and rescue – 3 dives
In this programme you will acquire necessary skills and knowledge for stress management, accident prevention, and reacting appropriately in emergency situations encountered in diving.At the end of the course, you will obtain the certification Diver stress and recue SSI.Prerequisites:
Accessible as of 12 yrs oldBe holder of the certificate Open Water Diver
Be holder of React Right

1 to 2 days

  Other specialisations :
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Medical certificate /   Insurance

For all exploratory diving, you will need to provide a valid medical certificate with no contraindications for scuba diving (less than one year old) and an individual insurance that we can provide on site.

These two documents are not necessary for First Dive and Try Scuba Diving.

Diving Angel - Certificat Médical Plongée à Tenerife

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