Discovering diving


We invite you to snorkeling outings or finned swims to discover the underwater fauna and bottoms of Los Gigantes, with only fins and a diving mask.

First dive

In this initiation for young as of 10 yrs old  you dive between 0 and 6 metres. No prior skills are required and you do not have to present a medical certificate.

Try Scuba Diving SSI

In the same conditions as the first dive, with more advanced technical training, this programme is for beginners as of 10 yrs old, give you a chance to discover  scuba diving in a natural environment.

discovery packages

You are thrilled with your first dive, the discovery package will allow you an initiation to underwater activities, without licence, nor prior medical examination.

Exploration diving

(tanks and weights provided)

Number of dives  1  2  4  6  8 10
Price per dive44€40€38€36€34€32€

More than 10 dives : contact us

Resident Tenerife : contact us

Night diving : + 15 €

Material rental

Jacket / Wetsuit/ pressure regulator : 4 €/piece
Complete material (without computer) : 10 €/dive
Computer : 5 €/dive
Flashlight : 5 €/dive

Happy divers
dive sites
water temperature

Training courses


Scuba diver – 4 dives
2 days
Material included


Open water Diver – 6 dives
4 days
Material included

  React Right150€

Diver stress and rescue – 3 dives
1 to 2 days



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Each diver must present their medical certificate with no contraindications for scuba diving upon arrival and must be covered by an individual diving insurance.

If you are not covered, we can take out an insurance with our partner:
1 day / 1 week /1 month /1 year


Feel free to contact us to get a personal quote: « Contact us » which leads you to the contact page