Have an exceptional and safe diving experience in Tenerife supervised/coach accompanied by professionals.


Dive into the heart of the Canary Archipelago

Dive into the heart of the Canary Archipelago

Come and discover our French speaking diving centre on Tenerife Island, the largest and most multisided of the islands to please divers as well as non-divers.

You can dive 365 days per year on the island of eternal springtime.

The water temperature varying between 20 and 25°C, nobody can feel chilly.

Diving Angel - Plongée à Tenerife

Southwest of Tenerife

Diving Angel - Plongée à Tenerife

For all levels

Diving Angel - Plongée à Tenerife

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We have chosen the little village of Los Gigantes, south-west of Tenerife with its wonderful landscape on Europe’s highest cliffs, far from the mass diving centres.

Our sites are always sunny and sheltered, adapted to all levels of diving, and offer a breath taking mineral sight full of a rich fauna and exceptional ocean floors.

Whether you want to discover the activity, get training or just simply go for a dive, contact our centre/ Diving school and we will be pleased to welcome you.

We are affiliated with FFESSM, SSI, and we are PADI, FEDAS, FEDECAS and ACUC partners.

Welcome to Diving Angel Tenerife, referring to the shark native to the Canary Islands, the “Angel Shark”.

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We invite you to snorkeling outings or finned swims to discover the underwater fauna and bottoms of Los Gigantes, with only fins and a diving mask..


In this initiation for young as of 10 yrs old  you dive between 0 and 6 metres. No prior skills are required and you do not have to present a medical certificate.

Try Scuba Diving SSI

In the same conditions as the first dive, with more advanced technical training, this programme is for beginners as of 10 yrs old, give you a chance to discover  scuba diving in a natural environment.

Pack Découverte

You are thrilled with your first dive, the discovery package will allow you an initiation to underwater activities, without licence, nor prior medical examination.

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We are a diving centre adapted to beginners, advanced and groups.


Our diving centre, based on Tenerife, offers a wide range of diving experiences.

We accompany you in your dives, whether you are a beginner or confirmed diver.

Diving Angel - Plongée à Tenerife

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Diving Angel - Plongée à Tenerife

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Diving Angel - Plongée à Tenerife

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