Discover Tenerife

Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Archipelago, is the island of all superlatives: volcanic and rich. It features a variety of landscapes, coastlines, towns, villages, climate…. There is so much to be discovered.

Among its wonders, there are three admirable colonial sites: La Laguna, La Oratoa and Garachico. In addition to these historic towns there are three remarkable natural sites: the Teide National Park in the heart of the island is, with its superb volcano, the summit of the island; The Anaga Rural Park on the North-Eastern tip of the island, covered with a thick vegetation offers breathtaking viewpoints of the ocean; the Teno Rural Park on the North-Western tip remains very wild and visitors are scarce.

We have decided to settle on the West side of this latter on the Los Gigantes cliffs. Life under and on the water is astonishing!
Close to Los Gigantes, don’t miss Barranco de Masca, where a hiking path starts in this little typical village and leads you all the way to the ocean through a staggering fault.

In addition to all this, the extreme friendliness of the Canarians, a mild climate all year around, pretty fishing harbours, one of the most beautiful carnivals, make it a place to spend an extraordinary holiday!


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